Get Longer-Lasting Tires

Schedule a wheel alignment service in Liberty, NY

Want to know the secret to longer-lasting tires? A wheel alignment service by S&M Service Center. Our team will check your suspension and adjust it. This helps tires last longer and saves you from spending big on a brand-new set.

We're the only auto body shop in Liberty, NY and the surrounding areas that offers a wheel alignment service. Stop by today to get yours, or you can call ahead at 845-292-3520.

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Why an alignment service is so important

A wheel alignment is crucial for your entire vehicle's driving performance. Not only is it good for your tires, but a wheel alignment also will:

Keep your vehicle from veering to the left or right
Improve the handling of your vehicle
Stop unusual on-the-road vibrations from occurring

Wheel alignments save your tires and keep you safe. Call us today to reserve your alignment service.