Don't Bet on Faulty Brakes

Choose our brake installation service in Liberty, NY

Are your brakes making a squealing noise when you stop? Come into S&M Service Center in Liberty, NY today for a brake service. Our knowledgeable staff has over three decades of experience in everything from brake installation and replacements to preventative maintenance services. We're also experts in brake pads, routers, brake lines and calibers.

Don't let brake issues slow you down. Schedule your brake service today by calling 845-292-3520.

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Prevent brake issues before they begin

Do you know if your brakes are faulty? It can be hard to tell without professional training. Take your car into our shop for routine brake maintenance. By letting our team check your brakes, you're:

Ensuring your car is safe and comfortable to drive
Reducing the likelihood of expensive repairs
Keeping your car running at peak performance

You, your passengers and the other drivers on the road will benefit when you make your brakes a priority. Contact us today for a brake maintenance service or a new brake installation.